Our testing helps you understand the real-world security risks you face and what should be the way forward. It helps provide assurance to you, your partners, your vendors/suppliers and most importantly, to your clients.

We offer a range of testing solutions that let us attack your applications and servers – how attackers would – and then share what you need to do next taking into account your individual commercial, organisational and operational realities.

Core to this, whenever we are testing for cyber-security, the reports and output we create for you will always have significant, expert, human input to give you greatest possible commercial and operational value by containing implementable advice rather than a long list of issues.

Some of the questions we can help answer for you are:

  • What are my quick security wins?
  • What do I need to fix and how?
  • Am I being compliant?

We frequently work with companies, organisations and teams to offer testing including:

  • Online security baseline audits
  • Web application vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • Cloud infrastructure security assessments
  • Mobile application security assessments
  • Network infrastructure security assessments
  • Application source code reviews
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