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We understand that security is not always your number one priority, but you would still like to be secure. We provide practical, pragmatic advice that allows you to focus on your business, whilst we take care of the security details.


Our testing helps you understand the real-world security risks you face and what should be the way forward. It helps provide assurance to you, your partners, your vendors/suppliers and most importantly, to your clients.


We run hands-on training courses for technical and non-technical teams and people alike. Our training helps you by guiding and training your employees, partners, vendors on what role can they play in ensuring your company or organisation stays safe and secure.

Whether you have a specific requirement, a question you'd like answered or would just like an informal chat, contact us.

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Why Appsecco?

From mobile apps to servers and from software applications to websites, we help protect you from hackers, malware and other risks with a comprehensive range of tools, training and advice.

Whether you’re in the planning or testing phases, or have been caught out, our experts work collaboratively with you to manage the risks.

We will work with your in-house and outsourced teams to understand what you need, and recommend the most effective security measures to reduce risk.

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We have three locations around the world.
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Appsecco Limited
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Switchboard: +44 (0)20 3137 0558

We also have offices in; Bangalore, India and Boston, USA

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