Nullcon 2022 : Winning Friends, Meeting teams, Pwning Apps

Sep 12, 2022
4 mins
Shruthi K

After working remote for 2 years, My team and I were looking forward to meeting in person for Nullcon 2022. The excitement was through the roof.

We all travelled from our respective places to reach Goa. While travelling on the train, I had the privilege of enjoying the coastal route to Goa.

Train Journey to Goa

After reaching Goa, the first thing I did was to enjoy a scrumptious Fish Thali.

Must do - Goan Fish Thali

After settling at the hotel , I decided go say hi to Riyaz and Rohit who were running a 3 day training at Nullcon on Breaking and Pwning Apps and Servers on AWS and Google Cloud — Post Pandemic Edition

The attendees had a lot of learning and were enjoying the training which helped them understand attack approaches and how to create attack arsenal in the cloud, various scenarios were taken from vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and OSINT engagements which took the attendees through the journey of discovery, identification, and exploitation of security weaknesses, misconfiguration, and poor programming practices that can lead to complete compromise of the cloud infrastructure.

Appsecco Training
Appsecco training team at work

After the training was over the team met up for dinner and it was so lovely to see everyone in person.

First all-hands in-person team dinner

The conference day arrived and everyone was excited to attend the keynote talk by Dr.-Ing. Mario Heiderich.

Dr.- Ing. Mario Heiderich delivering the keynote.

After the keynote, everyone spilt up to attend various talks from different tracks.

I went on to attending a few talks from the bug bounty track, CXO track, checked different booths and said hi to the winja organisers.

CXO Track
Bug Bounty Panel
Team Appsecco at Nullcon 2022

It was quite jam-packed and crowded at the venue. Of course, we were all meeting in person after 2 long years!!

Met a few friends from the community who also were guests on my podcast

Guests of Stories of Infosec Journeys podcast and community friends
Women in Infosec - striking a pose

After a busy day 1 at the conference, the day ended with networking party of the conference, team dinner and a night of Dumb Charades and loads of laughter !! :D

Networking Party
Team Dinner

After a long day 1, we were all set for talks from day 2 .

Talk on automating Whatsapp Chats

We had Riyaz Walikar at the Resume clinic helping out folks with their resumes and providing career advice.

Day 2 ended with me and my team spending some time together, meeting a few of the industry’s best and closing ceremony of the conference.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet the industry’s best and was also introduced to new industry folks by my circle of friends at the conference.

I believe conferences are a great place to learn, meet new people, network and also a great time to bond with your team in a post pandemic world. It was amazing meeting everyone and to go back with so many memories and knowing that I know my team a little better now :)

Team Appsecco

Until next time! :)


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