AllDayDevOps Virtual Viewing Party at Appsecco

Nov 10, 2020
3 min read
Shruthi K

Appsecco is excited to be supporting the 5th Anniversary Celebration for All Day DevOps on Nov 12th, 2020.

Swag sent to us by the organisers of AllDayDevOps 2020
Swag from AllDayDevOps Team

We at Appsecco are organising a private virtual viewing party during IST hours and below is the playlist of talks we are planning on attending during the viewing party.

Selected List of Talks we plan to watch and discuss

SRE — Provisioning and Remediation Zen in scaling Facebook Infrastructure — Nov 12, 03:00 PM-

DevSecOps — Our Secret Management Journey from Code to Vault — Nov 12, 02:30 PM —

DevSecOps — Embedding Security in your Terraform and Cloudformation Code — Nov 12, 03:30 PM —

CI/CD Continuous Everything — Pipeline your Pipelines (Automate your Automation)! — Nov 12, 3.30 PM —

Modern Infrastructure — Ruling Kubernetes on All Cloud Platforms — Nov 12, 03:30 PM —

DevSecOps— Securing Serverless Applications using Azure — Nov 12, 04:00 PM —

DevSecOps— Defender’s Guide to Cloud Native Infrastructure Security — Nov 12, 04:30 PM —

SRE — Site Reliability Engineering: Anti-patterns in Everyday Life and What They Teach Us — Nov 12, 04:30 PM —

Cultural Transformation — Embrace the Pitfalls (Our Stop-Start Journey to Change) — Nov 12, 04:30 PM —

DevSecOps— From Dev to DevSec: How Developers are the new Security RockStars — Nov 12, 05:00 PM —

Modern Infrastructure -The Past, Present, and Future of Cloud-Native API Gateways — Nov 12, 05:30 PM —

CI/CD Continuous Everything — Security Phoenix, From the Ashes of DevOps, From the Ashes of DevOps a New Security Creature is Born — Nov 12, 05:30 PM —

SRE — How We Scaled Google Meet during COVID19 — Nov 12, 05:30 PM —

SRE — Driving Digital Transformation Through CloudOps and Site Reliability Engineering — Nov 12, 07:30 PM —

DevSecOps — Serverless Auth and Secrets Management — Nov 12, 07:30 PM —

DevSecOps — CI/CD Pipelines for DevSecOps with Hybrid Cloud — Nov 13, 06:00 AM —

Cultural Transformation — Collective Mindfulness for Better Decisions in the Midst of Uncertainty — Nov 13, 08:00 AM —

SRE — Multicluster + Microservice = Distributed Services — Nov 13, 10:00 AM —

Modern Infrastructure — k3s,k3d, k9s, k8s — What are all the Numbers About? — Nov 13, 11:30 AM —

CI/CD Continuous Everything — CICD in the World of Serverless — Nov 13, 11:30 AM —

Hire Appsecco to pentest your AWS based Applications

At Appsecco we provide advice, testing and training around software, infra, web and mobile apps, especially that are cloud hosted. We also specialise in auditing AWS environments as per the AWS CIS Foundations Benchmark to create a picture of the current state of security in your AWS environment. Our experience has led us to creating multiple hands on training courses like the very popular “Breaking and Pwning Apps and Servers on AWS and Azure” and “Automated Defence using Cloud Services for AWS, Azure and GCP”.

Drop us an email, if you would like us to assess the security of your AWS infrastructure or if you would like your security team trained in advanced pentesting techniques against AWS.


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