Application security training

We offer a range of application security training for developers, security testers and IT and operations.

Salient features of our application security training

  • Hands-on with virtual labs
  • All courseware, PDFs and ebooks shared with the trainees
  • Scenarios taken from our consulting assessments
  • Delivered by practitioners who are also experts at training

Real world security wisdom

  • All our courses are based on our extensive experience of testing and securing real world applications
  • Our primary roles are to create, implement, evaluate security solutions to give you the best guidance on getting started (and any stumbling blocks you may come across)

Strong fundamentals

  • We focus on ensuring that the fundamentals are strong
  • People who understand the underlying protocols and their limitations and strengths are able to create more secure solutions as developers or testers
  • All our training are about getting your hands dirty, doing lots and lots of hands-on work, recent case studies and learning about real world security incidents
  • Theory about security is good to have, especially when you are studying, but for employees in companies who need to learn and apply the concepts quickly, practical experince is the most efficient option

Vendor neutral and committed to open sharing

  • Security tools and knowledge are more effective when there is open sharing
  • By not focusing on trying to sell vendor solutions, we are pragmatic; a must have in security
  • By contributing regularly to open sharing of knowledge, we have created great communities for knowledge sharing, collaboration etc. the same learning helps us to make your teams super productive

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Some of the training we offer

  • Secure Web Programming 101
  • Web Security Testing 101
  • Application Threat Modelling and OWASP Top 10
  • Security In The Cloud
  • Infrastructure Security Monitoring using the ELK Stack
  • Advanced Infrastructure Security Assessments
To find out more email us or use our online form:

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