We run hands-on application security training courses for technical and non-technical teams and individuals alike.

We frequently work with companies, organisations and teams to provide application security training that includes:

  • Hands-on training with virtual labs
  • Scenarios taken from our real-world assessments
  • Being delivered by security practitioners who are also experts at training
  • Courseware, PDFs and ebooks shared with the trainees
  • Non-technical training and cyber security insight for Boards, CXOs and senior staff

Our application security technical training for developers, development teams and security engineers focuses on ensuring that the fundamentals are understood.  When the underlying protocols, limitations and strengths are clear, your developers and testers can create more secure solutions.

Our non-technical cyber security training helps you by guiding and teaching your employees, partners, vendors on the cyber risks they may face and what role can they play in ensuring your company or organisation stays safe and secure.

To achieve this, the training we offer is interactive, with hands-on work utilising recent case studies and learning about real world cyber security incidents.

Some of the questions we can help answer for you are:

  • How do I upskill my security team?
  • How do I keep my developers, IT, architects updated on latest security threats and defences?
  • How do I spread information security awareness throughout my organisation?

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Whether you want to train a technical team, you would like some training in plain English to help your organisation to start to understand cyber security basics or anywhere in-between, contact us for a chat.

Whether you have a specific requirement, a question you'd like answered or would just like an informal chat, contact us.

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