We understand that security is not always your number one priority, but you would still like to be secure. We provide practical, pragmatic advice that allows you to focus on your business, whilst we take care of the security details.

This straightforward and commercially relevant consulting advice is for whatever stage your security journey is at. The advice or solutions we provide will address the specific problem you seek to solve and have actionable insight to enable you to do so.

Some of the questions we can help answer for you are:

  • How do I become secure for myself, my users, my clients, my partners?
  • What are the best solutions for my individual circumstances?
  • What do I do if I get hacked or am under attack?

We frequently work with companies, organisations and teams on areas including:
Planning and discovery

  • Security architecture design
  • Threat modelling
  • Procurement support
  • Vendor analysis
  • Product security audits

Business as usual and work in progress

  • Architecture reviews
  • Cyber mock-drills
  • Application security program development

If a security incident happens

  • Security incident response
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If you’re about to embark on any kind of web or application development, either in-house or with external suppliers, and would like advice on how to do so securely, contact us for a chat.

Whether you have a specific requirement, a question you'd like answered or would just like an informal chat, contact us.

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