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As application security is universal Appsecco works across many sectors and industries on a daily basis but like all firms in our field there are a number of sectors that our knowledge and experience is deepest in.

Marketing & Communications sector - Appsecco
Marketing & Communications

If you are a brand owner, an agency or a marketing professional, both agency and client-side, we can help you understand and mitigate the cyber risks you face.

Whether you want to know the best way to see if your latest promotional microsite is not going to leak registered users’ details, to testing the new global brand site you are about to launch, to designing systems and processes to ensure that you, your developers and external suppliers are building security in from the start we’re here to help.

Our team have been working in the marketing sector for over a decade and we completely get the space that you are in and the daily pressures you face to deliver brilliant marketing quickly that is safe and secure against today’s increasing numbers of attacks.

Financial Services sector - Appsecco
  Financial Services

We understand the competing needs you have to run your organisation within a framework that’s often heavily regulated and the pressure that this often creates.

We’re very used to working alongside you to make sure that you remain safe, secure and are regulatory compliant whilst ensuring that security doesn’t become a drag on your day to day business.

Whether you simply need regular testing and audits to demonstrate you are following best practice and risk mitigation to detailed insight into the cyber threats your online applications and operations face we’re able to fit seamlessly into your existing operations to help keep things running smoothly and securely and all your stakeholders happy.

Private Equity & Venture Capital sectors - Appsecco
  Private Equity & Venture Capital

We’ve been working with Private Equity funds and VC’s since our inception and so have a real understanding of what’s important to you and the specific challenges you face.

We work closely with you at all stages of your investment cycle to ensure that you get quick, timely and relevant information to truly add value to your decision-making process.

From providing quick, actionable insight during the diligence process, to carrying out portfolio reviews and monitoring to ensure the value of your investments are protected and your ESG obligations met, to pre-exit reviews that form part of a diligence pack (or to ensure you have no sudden surprises) we’re here to support you.

Software sector - Appsecco
  Software Development

We deeply understand what you need to do to design and develop software that is secure. We are an application security specialist after all!

You can rely on us to help you at all stages of your development lifecycle from assisting you in designing and building applications that are secure by design, to verifying and validating the security of applications you’re currently working on, to being there to help you in the unfortunate event that you have compromised or suspect that you have.

The support and advice we provide you is designed to support what you do providing details of any vulnerabilities that we find, illustrations of how they could be exploited to help you understand the level of threat and our hands-on insight into how you can best remedy them.

Whether you have a specific requirement, a question you'd like answered or would just like an informal chat, contact us.

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