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As application security is universal, Appsecco works across many sectors and industries on a daily basis but like all firms in our field, there are a number of sectors where we have our deepest knowledge and experience.

Application Security for Retail and ecommerce - Appsecco Retail and ecommerce

Application Security for Retail and ecommerce

We have lots of experience in working in the retail sector and with pure online retailers and traditional bricks and mortar clients alike.

We fully understand the challenges today’s retail environment can bring and the need for you to balance good security practice with keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Appsecco Team

We know that great security for retailers means ensuring that your customers’ experience comes first and that any solution you implement can’t be one that slows down sales.

The advice and solutions we suggest are always designed to ensure that a great sales journey for your customers is not forgotten in what you need to do to be secure.

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