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As application security is universal, Appsecco works across many sectors and industries on a daily basis but like all firms in our field, there are a number of sectors where we have our deepest knowledge and experience.

Application Security for Private Equity - Appsecco Private Equity

Application Security for Private Equity funds

We’ve been working with Private Equity funds since our inception and so have a real understanding of what’s important to you and the specific challenges you face.

We work closely with you at all stages of your investment cycle to ensure that you get quick, timely and relevant information to truly add value to your decision-making process.

Appsecco Team

From providing quick, actionable insight during the diligence process, to carrying out portfolio reviews and monitoring to ensure the value of your investments are protected and your ESG obligations met, to pre-exit reviews that form part of a diligence pack (or to ensure you have no sudden surprises) we’re here to support you.

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