People to call in the event of a cyber breach – checklist

Our role is to prevent cyber breaches, we also know that sometimes things will happen that are beyond anyone’s control.

It’s really important to be prepared for the worst so we have compiled a checklist of the people you may need to call in the event of a cyber breach.

Our cyber breach checklist is designed to be downloaded, filled in using a pen or pencil and then kept somewhere safe just in case the worst happens.

Not everyone on the list may apply to you and there may be more people you need to add so feel free to copy the idea, just make sure you keep an offline copy if you do!

You can download the checklist (complete with colourful mind-map) as a PDF here (don’t worry, there’s not a sneaky pop-up that will force you enter any personal details, we want you to be more secure not spammed!).

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