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As application security is universal, Appsecco works across many sectors and industries on a daily basis but like all firms in our field, there are a number of sectors where we have our deepest knowledge and experience.

Application Security for Membership Organisations - Appsecco Membership Organisations

Application Security for Membership Organisations

We work with membership organisations and professional bodies and properly understand the responsibilities you have commercially and towards your members.

We help you ensure that your membership data and online presence is safe and secure and support you providing cyber-security advice and services for your members too.

Appsecco Team

We work with you to provide testing and security best practice advice to ensure you are doing the right things to protect you as an organisation.

We also complement the work we do for you with a suite of services that you can offer your members ranging from CPD webinars and informational seminars to security consulting and advice tailored to their specific needs.

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