Sectors we specialise in

As application security is universal, Appsecco works across many sectors and industries on a daily basis but like all firms in our field, there are a number of sectors where we have our deepest knowledge and experience.

Application Security for Marketing Communications - Appsecco Marketing Communications

Application Security for Brands, Agencies, and Marketing Professionals

If you are a brand owner, an agency or a marketing professional, both agency and client-side, we can help you understand and mitigate the cyber risks you face.

Whether you want to know the best way to see if your latest promotional microsite is not going to leak registered users’ details, to testing the new global brand site you are about to launch, to designing systems and processes to ensure that you, your developers and external suppliers are building security in from the start we’re here to help.

Appsecco Team

Our team have been working in the marketing sector for over a decade and we completely get the space that you are in and the daily pressures you face to deliver brilliant marketing quickly that is safe and secure against today’s increasing numbers of attacks.

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Whether you have a specific requirement, a question you’d like answered or would just like an informal chat, contact us.

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